Sizing & Care

Below is our sizing suggestion for tops and bottoms, based on bra size and jean size; if you are between sizes, please size up!

Small: 32A-B, 32C

Medium: 32D-DD, 34A-C, 36A-C

Large: 34D-DD, 36D-DD

BOTTOMS & one pieces:

Small: 0-2


Large: 8-10

any sizing questions, please send an email to:!

We recently updated our styles and sizing to be more uniform. Many of our pieces will fit the same person in different sizes but we feel our sizing is now very "true to size" with other swim brands.



We recommend the following tips to get the most out of your bikini! Please note Ama Bikinis is not responsible for lost or stolen items or for chemical reactions due to chlorine concentration of pools or hot tubs. Read below for the best way to care for your bikini:


1- Rinse in cold water before & after wearing in chlorinated water such as a pool or hot tub.

Why? Sometimes pools (especially community and hotel pools) have a super high concentration of chlorine! The same reason it is advised to rinse your body before and after hopping in is why we suggest it for our bikinis as well- so you don’t experience irritation or reaction! When the garment is brand new, the dyes in the fabric are also more concentrated which make them more prone to reaction with chemicals such as chlorine.

2- After use: hand wash and line dry!

This is the best way to avoid machine washing and limit heat exposure to elastic and fabric, which helps the bikini maintain shape! Hand wash the garments with a mild soap (NO BLEACH) in warm water, hang in a well ventilated area that is not in direct sunlight