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Our story: "ama" is a japanese word that means "woman of the sea"

All Ama Bikinis products are designed to make you feel bold, confident, & like you could live in a bikini on an island somewhere magical...Our goal is to offer affordable, quality, unique swimwear that you won't find anywhere else and is 100% sustainably made!

Ama Bikinis was created in Miami Beach by a Florida native and beach volleyball player, who wanted to create colorful, unique bikinis that could be worn for all types of activities, but were not outrageously priced!  

Inspired by the designer's heritage, "Ama" is a Japanese word that means "woman of the sea" and was the name given to female divers in Japan who free dove in search of various sea life and pearls in order to make a living.  Many of these women adapted to a gypsy lifestyle- traveling and exploring the seas in search of their treasures.  These women and their story exemplify what Ama Bikinis is all about: inspiring women of all ages to be ambitious, bold, and explore the beauty of Creation...

Mission: To provide one of a kind bikinis that support an active lifestyle & are sustainably & ethically produced.

All products are manufactured in Brazil and are made with Lycra fiber making them durable and appropriate for any activity.  You will not find our fabric designs anywhere else!

To show our customers where our products come from, we made a YouTube video of our recent trip to Brazil!  Below is the link to the video:

Ama Bikinis Trip to Brazil

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